Is it possible to start a business with little to no money? (Step by step Guide)

Some say it is impossible to start a business with little to no money, some say don’t even try it. I am with the opinion that you can start a small business with or without money.

Here is my take on the above questions hoping my submission can give a starting point:

There are many ways to start up a business that can earn you a living even when you don’t have capital. Such businesses could be turned into a mega enterprise. This depends on your prospect, diligence, and commitment towards your desired goal, knowing who you are, what you want, what you wished or intend to be in the future, and most of all what do you have?.

Imagine you are living in a community resident with working-class and business elite, if you are in such an environment then you have many opportunities to create a job for yourself. I am very someone who is still thinking how?


Service is simply defined as an act of helpful activity ( This could be humanitarian or otherwise. When you offer services that are in accordance with the need of someone in a business capacity such services are well compensated, the compensation could be in price, rating of free will. What you know can sell you better; it can also give you a means of earning a huge amount of money for a good startup. If you do understanding this then you take the necessary step to:

Conduct a research

Conduct a research

Find out the needs of the residents in your environment, what are their domestic needs. Proffer solutions on how you intend to be of service to them at a minimal fee. In sampling, you may want to explore beyond your knowledge by being flexible to see if your client has other needs or requests. Research is not a small task it may look small but when you engaged in you must go prepared, some of your clients will want to see samples that you can do.

“Business is all about, understanding the need and areas to operate such business, this means that the environment also matters”.

Draw your plan down

Draw your plan and share the idea with likeminds

Doing so you will study what needs are and also checkmate solutions. How do you intend to solve those needs efficiently and most effective such that you will earn positive value in return

Structure your plan


Decide the structure, start with a rough sketch, don’t expect it to be excellent at the completion. It may not look big, create a list of steps involved, go over them as many times as you can in other to give it a sense of perfection. Knowing that no plan comes out perfect from a starting point, but with due diligence and careful considerations put down alternative that brings out the beauty of the structure. Structuring involves sampling if you decide to start from one or two points, do not expect to win even though you remain positive toward your plan, but as you will be faced with many challenging factors be focused to proffer better solutions in other to achieve your goal.

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