Honey is the sweet-tasting juicy-like (food) produced by honey bees, popular for its taste and flavor. Honey has been since time immemorial for its use to help in treating many diseases and disorders.

Because of its natural sweetness and chemical properties, it is ideal above processed sugars and other sweeteners used in baking, beverages, and foods. It is anti-inflammatory thus relieves allergies, is anti-cancerous, boosts memory and immunity, cough suppressant, treats dandruff and burns, wounds healer, helps to maintain WBCs count, helps to metabolize alcohol, is good for hair and skincare, aid in weight loss acts as a natural antiseptic and a good source of energy.

Original Pure Honey

Original pure honey can be used anytime because there are no additives in it. You can preserve it by keeping it covered in a cool comfortable environment. The taste and its natural properties remain the same irrespective of how long it stays before consumption.

How to recognize ORIGINAL HONEY

Take a little honey with your finger then try 2 or 3 drops on the ground; if it’s pure it will go down like a thread into the ground.

Original honey does not spread into the ground, it rolls like a ball.

Add a little on a match stick and strike it, original honey will catch fire like fuel.

Put a little honey into a glass and add water, if the honey goes to the bottom of the cup without mixing up with the water except you mix it.

CAUTION: Beware of adulterated Honey or Honey mixed with sugar, it IS dangerous to the health.

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