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FIGHTING CORONA VIRUS: 7 Star global hangar

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I’m glad to announce that 7 Star global hangar, the first private aircraft Independent MRO in West Africa, has successfully diversified its upholstery arm to mass producing face masks in the fight against Covid-19.

We understand the dynamics of the complex situations woven around the present times, even beyond and we have chosen to retain our staff and not lay retrench them. And we have not only retained our staff, we have employed even more. We have acquired hundreds of industrial sowing machines and have employed more than 1,000 Nigerian tailors. We have created more jobs than we ever imagined Pre-Covid-19 and we have the capacity to produce 70,000-100,000 face masks daily.

Our face masks are of high quality and they are woven from the best fabrics, even as they undergo the most advanced safety check.

The mass production of these quality masks will last as long as we fight COVID-19 Pandemic while we hope that some day sooner than we think, these very trying moments will be a thing of the past.


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