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Is it possible to start a business with little to no money?

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Some people will say it is impossible to start a business with little money, some will say don’t even try it. But I am with the opinion that you can start small business with or without money.

There are many ways to startup a business that can earn you a living even when you don’t have a capital, such businesses could end up in becoming a carrier for many. It depends on your perspective and priority of who you are, what you want, what you wished or intend to be in the future and most of all what do you have?.

Imaging you are living in a community resident with working class and business elite, if you are in such environment then you have many opportunities to create a job for yourself. I am very someone is still thinking how?


What do you know?

What you know can sell you better; it can also give you a means of earning huge amount of money for a good startup. If you do understanding this then you take the necessary step to:

Conduct a research

  1. Conduct a research on the needs of the resident in your environment find out what domestic needs are mostly needed. Consider providing a better solution to such a person.  

“Business is all about, understanding the need and areas to operate such business, this means that the environment also matters”.

Draw your imagination
  • Draw your plan down: by doing so you will study what needs are and also checkmate solutions. How do you intend to solve those needs efficiently and most effective such that you will earn positive value in return.
  • Structure your plan; decide the structure it may not look big, you can even decide to start from one or two homes etc.
  • Package your plan; for proper ownership; better presentation and uniqueness
  • Engage:  This time you make a move to meet your prospect one on one.

What can you offer as a service ?

Ask yourself what are the most pressing need of these classes of people? Think of a possible way you can be of help or rather something to offer them that can earn you an income in return. For example you may have the idea of making good soup and most of these classes of workers do not have the time to cook.

  Decide the business of your choice

When you decide the business of your choice, consider some of the most popular reasons to start the business, as well as having a exceptional business idea, designing a career that has the suppleness to grow with you, working toward financial independence, and investing in yourself create the feeling of freedom to those who understand it. Its not surprising that small businesses are everywhere.

It is important to note that not every small business attain success. Most small business crumbles down the line within period of two years. Therefore you may be heading towards a real lifetime challenge when you decide to take the thrust, leaving your day job, to own your business. The stage is often set in the beginning, so making sure you follow all of the necessary steps when starting your business can set the foundation for success


First ensure you understand the business you intend to start very well, meaning consider the following

  1. Conduct a research on the business to see what the business is all about, understand the need and areas to operate such business, this means that the environment also matters.
  2. Draw your plan down it will help you to study it and also checkmate error.
  3. Draw your budget; this will help your finance plan, quantify the cost implication, understanding how much you need to start with no matter how small it the amount is, what is cost and how much do you proposed to earn as income.
  4. Structure your business; decide the structure it may not look big, you can even decide to start from home etc.

Certify your business for proper ownership; Register your business name this will get you certify and permission.


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